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5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Citrix ADC

More than 80% of companies have adopted a multi-cloud strategy to increase agility, but providing fast and secure application delivery across multi- cloud environments is challenging. Rest assured, Citrix ADC is a software centric application delivery solution that empowers business leaders to provide fast, reliable and secure application delivery across multi-cloud.

From on-premises to the cloud, consistently and securely, it is the most comprehensive application delivery and load balancing solution for monolithic and microservices-based applications. This means one can deliver a better user experience, on any device – anywhere.


Here are five reasons your company needs Citrix ADC:

Keep customers happy

Customers will become disloyal when products are unavailable, so applications need to perform with consistency, speed and reliability. Citrix ADC is highly scalable and provides better performance and lower latency so one can offer customers a seamless experience with every application, every time.

Increase agility by moving to multi-cloud faster

Ensuring consistent, seamless, and secure application delivery across multi-cloud environments can be complex and time-consuming. Unlike other leading solutions, only Citrix ADC uses a single code base for all of its portfolio to provide operational and features consistency across multi-cloud. Pair that with pooled capacity licensing to easily redistribute throughput capacity to ADCs wherever one needs them, and one enables more agility through simplified application delivery.

Strengthen the company’s security posture

Applications and APIs are valuable assets, but protecting them from attack is challenging. Given that 92% of reported vulnerabilities are in applications rather than networks, one needs comprehensive, layered, and proven security for monolithic and microservices-based applications. Citrix ADC Layer 3-7 security features arm businesses with the arsenal they need to fight the war on bad actors.

Modern bot attacks are increasingly sophisticated and can mimic human behaviour, making it difficult to distinguish bots from legitimate users. Citrix has developed machine learning (ML) techniques that help customers mitigate traffic from these sophisticated, malicious bots. ML can baseline normal activity, detect subtle abnormalities in traffic behaviour and can generate integrated alerts to the security administrator.

The enhanced security these techniques bring safeguard customer environments from attacks such as account takeovers. And Citrix’s bot detection capabilities, with ML, can help reduce content scraping. By being able to see which users are real or fake, it can single out bots and report them effectively.

Gain actionable insights and troubleshoot faster

To complement Citrix ADC, Citrix Application Delivery Management provides holistic visibility and analytics from one console. It is the only application delivery management platform that equips businesses with comprehensive automation, faster troubleshooting, and actionable insights from a single pane of glass for all ADCs across the multi-cloud environment.

Go cloud native with confidence

Cloud native application development can improve agility, but 50% of businesses cite lack of skills as the top challenge in adopting cloud native infrastructure. Because microservices deployment and delivery are complex and IT skill sets vary, Citrix provides a choice of architectures to help one balance the greatest benefits and ease of implementation. Citrix ADC integrates with popular Kubernetes platforms and opensource tools, giving businesses enhanced performance, lower latency, and better observability.

Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)

Citrix ADC appliances configured for GSLB provide disaster recovery and ensure continuous availability of applications by protecting against points of failure in a WAN. GSLB balances the load across data centres by directing client requests to the closest or best performing data centre, or to surviving data centres if there is an outage.

Better economics

When moving to the cloud, it’s hard to predict how much capacity one may need. Businesses often end up with too much or too little to cover unpredictable demand. Flexible licensing lets them avoid over and under-provisioning by dynamically allocating capacity where it’s needed most.

If a company has resources located in different parts of the world, for example, they can set a policy to provision and deprovision bandwidth based on time of day. This eliminates the need to purchase maximum-capacity ADCs for each location, leading to a better utilisation of resources and more predictable costs.


Citrix ADC accelerates the journey to multi- cloud for monolithic and microservices- based applications by giving businesses leaders the flexibility to move at the pace that’s right for their business. It can help businesses deliver a consistent, secure, and reliable experience that keeps employees engaged and productive.

Troye offers a comprehensive suite of technologies that help businesses with their digital transformation and legacy networks. As a result, customers can take advantage of simplified management, secure access to applications on-prem or in the cloud and improve overall user experience.

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