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Unlock Efficiency and Flexibility
Learn How the Specialist Troye Do What We Do

What we do

We empower businesses with virtualisation solutions, streamlining operations and maximising resource utilisation.

How we do it

Through expert implementation of server, desktop, application, network, and storage virtualisation.

Troye How We Do It

Take your business to new heights with Troye’s virtualisation expertise. Contact us today.

Service Overview

Virtualisation revolutionises IT infrastructure, reducing costs, enhancing scalability, and improving agility. Troye’s comprehensive virtualisation solutions optimise resources and boost productivity, ensuring your business stays ahead in a competitive landscape.


Troye Server Virtualisation

Server Virtualisation

Consolidate hardware, enhance performance.

Troye Desktop Virtualisation (VDI)

Desktop Virtualisation (VDI)

Centralise desktop management, boost security.

Troye Application Virtualisation

Application Virtualisation

Simplify deployment, increase flexibility.

Troye Network Virtualisation

Network Virtualisation

Improve network efficiency, enhance scalability.

Storage Virtualisation Icon

Storage Virtualisation

Optimise storage resources, streamline data management.


Increased Efficiency

Streamline operations, reduce resource waste.

Enhanced Flexibility

Scale resources dynamically to meet increased demands.

Improved Security

Centralised management, strengthened data protection.

Cost Savings

Reduce hardware and maintenance costs.

Business Continuity

Minimise downtime, ensure uninterrupted operations.

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