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Arctic Wolf

Secure your business with Troye's cutting-edge Arctic Wolf security solutions

Overview of
Arctic Wolf

Troye is your trusted partner for Arctic Wolf, offering comprehensive security operations to enable managed detection and response, risk management, security awareness training and incident response services.


With over 23 years of experience in the IT industry, we deliver tailored security solutions to protect your business from evolving cyber threats. Trust Troye to enhance your security posture with Arctic Wolf’s advanced technologies and leading expertise.

Arctic Wolf
Why We Choose

Why we choose
Arctic Wolf

With Arctic Wolf MDR, Troye ensures your business is protected around the clock, providing peace of mind and robust security. Arctic Wolf Managed Risk services empower you to proactively manage security risks and strengthen your overall security posture. With Arctic Wolf Security Awareness Training, Troye helps you build a security-conscious culture within your organisation. Arctic Wolf’s Incident Response Jump Start ensures your business is prepared to effectively respond to security breaches, minimising impact, cost, recovery time and reputational damage. With Arctic Wolf Incident Response, Troye ensures your business can quickly recover from security incidents and strengthen its defences against future threats.

Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Proactive Threat Detection and Response


Troye offers Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services to provide 24×7 protection, continuous monitoring, threat detection, and rapid response to security events and incidents.

Our Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Offerings Include

24X7 Protection

Around the clock monitoring to detect and respond to threats in real-time ensuring a faster time to detection and remediation.

Expert Analysis and Advise

Overcome the global security skills shortage by leveraging the expertise of the security operations center (SOC) analysts to efficiently identify and mitigate threats as well as a concierge security team to work with you to proactively improve security posture along a security journey.

Vendor Agnostic

Arctic Wolf leverages and plugs into your existing security stack to optimise security spend and strategic decision making. This vendor neutral approach avoids vendor lock in and removes the need to rip and replace existing security tooling.

Comprehensive Reporting and Compliance

Gain insights into your security posture with detailed reports and analysis. Leverage the concierge security team to assist with compliance and structure your security journey to suit your business requirements.

Arctic Wolf Managed Risk

Continually Identify and Mitigate Security Risks


Troye’s Managed Risk services with Arctic Wolf help you identify, prioritise, and mitigate security risks across your organisation on an ongoing basis.

Our Arctic Wolf Managed Risk Offerings Include

Ongoing Risk Assessments

Continuously conduct thorough assessments to uncover vulnerabilities and potential threats. The modern threat actor is constantly evolving, it is hence important for your organisation to stay ahead of the latest vulnerabilities and threats.

Prioritised Recommendations

Receive actionable recommendations prioritised based on risk impact and urgency.

Continuous Monitoring

Maintain ongoing visibility into your risk landscape with continuous monitoring and assessments.

Compliance Support

Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness Training

Empower Your Employees with Security Knowledge


Troye provides Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness Training to educate your employees on cybersecurity best practices to reduce human-related risks.

Our Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness Training Offerings Include

Tailored Training Programs

Customisable training programs to address the specific needs of your organisation.

Engaging Content

Interactive and engaging training materials to enhance learning and retention.

Stay Ahead of Social Engineering

Keep employees informed about the latest threats and security practices with regular training updates.

Performance Tracking

Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Arctic Wolf Incident Response Jump Start

Prepare and Protect Your Business


Troye offers Arctic Wolf’s Incident Response Jump Start to prepare your business for the potential security breach.

Our Arctic Wolf Incident Response Jump Start Offerings Include

Incident Response Planning

Develop and refine your incident response plans to ensure readiness for sever cyber attacks with battle-tested incident runbooks.

Rapid Response Time

Speed Matters when it comes to a cyber-attack. Secure a 1-hour response time with prioritised access to Arctic Wolf’s industry leading IR team.

Expert Guidance

Receive expert advice and recommendations to enhance your incident response capabilities.

Preferential Pricing

Customers on IRJS receive a significantly discounted rate for all Arctic Wolf Incident Response services.

Arctic Wolf Incident Response

Swift and Effective Incident Handling


Troye provides Arctic Wolf’s Incident Response services to swiftly handle and resolve security incidents.

Our Arctic Wolf Incident Response Offerings Include

Rapid Recovery

Recover faster from cyber incidents. Arctic Wolf Incident Response customers boast a 15% faster recovery time than the industry average.

Expert Forensics and Root Cause Analysis

Conduct detailed forensic analysis to understand the root cause, scope and impact of incidents.

Comprehensive Services

End-to-end incident response support, encompassing everything from business recovery to active monitoring, to threat actor negotiation.

Post-Incident Reporting

Gain insights and recommendations from comprehensive post-incident reports.

Our Expertise
and Commitment

Leverage security engineers and analysts that are highly skilled in security technologies, offering expert design, implementation, and support services. Empower your organisation to focus on proactive improvement rather than reactive security responses. Our extensive experience in cybersecurity allows us to deliver solutions that meet your specific business needs and protect your organisation from cyber threats.

Troye's Expertise and Commitment
Troye Citrix Platinum Partner

Proven Success
and Recognition

Troye’s commitment to excellence is reflected in our successful project implementations and satisfied customers. Our deep expertise and ability to execute complex security projects have earned us a reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.

Partner with Troye for your Arctic Wolf security solutions and experience the highest level of expertise and support.

Contact us today to transform your IT infrastructure and enhance your business operations.

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